Guide for Authors/Researchers

Detailed documentation and How-To's regarding the CREDIT suite, to enhance reusability of research articles.

CREDIT - Suite.

It's a workflow software tool that guides article authors to make the scientific outputs including Additional Research Objects (AROs, i.e datasets and null results) more easily reproducible/reusable and it captures all the events of reuse over the period of time after publications to reward those who have contributed towards it. It makes the improvement of research outputs a continuous process rather than one-time event.

Overview of the reuse recipe document

Unlike other research outputs reuse recipe documents, are evolving and enables enhancement of the reusability as a continous process as opposed to one-time event.

Scope for editing Reuse Recipe Document in future

Authors can edit the published Reuse Recipe Document in future to add more details to it. With this, they can add more details about the experiments & methods to facilitate easy reuse of research outputs as well as address requests from researchers & readers. All the versions with changes will be saved & preserved reflecting authors commitment towards reproducibility & Open Science (Fig.2).

Fig.2 Insights on how CREDIT Suite facilitates continuous improvement of the research artefacts and aids enhancing reusability

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