Preview & Publishing Reuse Recipe Document

The user can preview their Reuse Recipe Document before they can publish it. To preview a Reuse Recipe Document, click on the ‘Preview’ icon in the header of the document (Fig.41).

Fig.41 Preview Icon
Fig.42 Sample of Reuse Recipe Document in Preview

After the document has been previewed (Fig.42), author can publish their Reuse Recipe Document by clicking the ‘Publish’ button (Fig.43). Author then reconfirms to publish (Fig.44).

Fig.43 Publish Button in Reuse Recipe Document Form
Fig.44 Confirmation popup before publishing

Error Notification

In case of missing mandatory fields such as Experiment Title, Experimental Steps, Materials, and Data-Sets, a notification will pop up at the bottom left corner of the screen notifying the Author to resolve the missing fields and to publish the document again (Fig.45).

Fig.45 Error notification while publishing document

After the errors have been resolved, the Author can publish the Reuse Recipe Document. Finally a modal appears on successfully publishing the Reuse Recipe Document (Fig.46).

Fig.46 Successful Publish Modal

The Author can share their Recuse Recipe Document by clicking on the URL and it will be copied automatically. Or they can click on any of the social media icons of their choice and they will be redirected to that site with pre filled URL of the document.