Add Experiment Details

Creating a Reuse Recipe Document requires a few details & it is recommended for user to keep the details ready while creating the Reuse Recipe Document. Here is an overview of the necessary information required (Fig.7) :

Fig.7 Reuse Recipe Document Form

1.Enter the Title of the Experiment (Fig.8) (Mandatory Step)

Fig.8 Experiment Title Field

2. Add Materials required for your experiment (Fig.9). It can Include RRIDs, Catalogue no. etc. (Mandatory Step)

Fig.9 Example to enter the details of materials

3. Add the detailed Experimental Steps of your experiment (Fig.10). (Mandatory Step)

Fig.10 Sample to Enter the Details of Experimental Steps

3. Add Troubleshooting Tips (Fig.11) (If Applicable)

Fig.11 Sample to enter the details of Troubleshooting Tips

5. Adding the data-set file to link to the Reuse Recipe Document. Details provided in this section.