Alternative: Third party plugins to import protocols & code

Users can import their experiment documents from third party plugins as an alternative to manually enter the details in the form

Alternatively, if the author prefers to publish their protocols in or their code in Github, they are highly recommended to do so, for more enhanced visibility. CREDIT suite enables the users to import their protocols from and code from their github account in a few simple easy steps.

Authors need to publish their protocols in or code in github in their respective websites before they can import them into their Reuse Recipe Document. (Refer the following steps for a quick walkthrough)

Adding Protocols/Code

Fig.14 Connect third party plugins
  1. Click on the CONNECT THIRD-PARTY PLUGINS option in the form (Fig.14)

  2. A dropdown will open with option to either connect with or Github.

  3. Click on one of the options


Fig.15 Window

1. Click on the option ‘Sign in with’ in the newly opened window (Fig.15).

2. A window will appear asking for login credentials. User has to input their credentials (Fig.16).

Fig.16 Sign In Window

3. Click ‘Log in and a window with the user’s previously submitted protocols will be shown.

4. User can choose the appropriate protocol and click on ‘Link Protocol’ (Fig.17)

Fig.17 Adding Protocol

5. The protocol will now appear in the Reuse Recipe Document (Fig.18).

Fig.18 Sample Document in Reuse Recipe Document Form

For Github

  1. A window will open with a Github Repo LInk input field (Fig.19)

Fig.19 Github Repo Link Window

2. The user has to choose his selected repository published in Github and go to its URL

3. Then the user will select the name of the repository with the name of the author/organisation and input it in the Github Repo Link field

4. For ex. If the url is ‘’ then the Github Repo Link would be ‘profeza/’

5. Click on Link Repo (Fig.19) and the code repository will be added to the user’s Reuse Recipe Document (Fig.20).

Fig.20 Sample Github Repository in Reuse Recipe Document Form