Notification of Reuse Instances

Authors are notified via an email immediately when a researcher (reuser) submits a Reuse Instance. The author can access the reuse instances submitted by the researchers & readers in author dashboard under reuse instances tab (Fig.51, 52).

Fig.53 Overview of Reuse Instances Tab in Author Dashboard
Fig.54 New Reuse Instance Notification

They get notified through notification, which they can open by clicking the bell icon at the top of their dashboard. It has a list of new Reuse Instances created. When a particular instance is clicked, the Author is redirected to the particular instance in the Reuse Instance Tab.

Fig.55 Reuse Instance information for Author review

Reuse Instance submitted by the researcher can be a successful instance if he was able to successfully reuse or reproduce the research output or it can be unsuccessful if he faced any challenges in reusing or reproducing the research output.

If the Instance is successful, the author can review it, send a note to the reuser and publish the instance.

If the instance is unsuccessful, the author can send a message to the reuser & aid him to troubleshoot the challenge.