Shareable URL of Reuse Recipe Document

After a Reuse Recipe Document has been published, the author can share its URL of the published version of the document with other researchers. It will enable them to gain new insights from the researchers and possibly even collaborate with them.

Authors can get access to their published Reuse Recipe Document by clicking the ‘Shareable Publish URL’ box on the right of the Reuse Recipe Document form (Fig.49) and the URL of the document will be copied.

Fig.49 Shareable URL link of the document

Authors can also share their document URL on their preferred social media platforms. The form currently has the option to share on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Reddit with pre filled information. They can click on the icons and a window will open depending upon the social icons clicked. The URL is automatically attached to the share post section. Authors just have to click on the share or tweet button to share it.

Anyone can also go to the Reuse Recipe Document and click on the Social Media Icons at the top of the page to share the document.

Fig.50 Shareable Links in Reuse Recipe Docs

They can also send the Reuse Recipe Document links by clicking on the ‘Send to Email’ option.

Fig.51. Send to Email in Reuse Recipe Document

A modal will open up and the anyone can enter the email of the intended recipient to send them the link of the Reuse Recipe Document.